About Us

Established as a mixed farming enterprise in 1962, the picturesque Seville property is now the home of Little Creek Cattle Company.(LCR), including Little Creek Simmentals established in 1991.-1136

Through years of research, observation and much ‘trial and error’, LCR is now able to use a total conception to consumption beef program.

The introduction of our innovative Beef Direct program has been a great success, and now means our breeding program is tested by the harshest critic… the consumer. Our repeat customers are testament to the premium quality beef we offer to the public.-1150

Each carcass is evaluated three times. By LCR in the paddock, again under the knife, and finally by the consumer on the taste buds!!! We are beginning to determine which breeds and even which genetics deliver greatest profits to the producer and the best eating experience for the consumer. Our Beef is marketed though out Melbourne via Home Delivery and the Farmers Market circuit.

On the management side, we are trialing different feeding regimes to determine how best to get steers and heifers to a marketable stage. It’s a big challenge keeping green feed to our cows 12mths of the year!!!! We use no hormones or antibiotic treatments.

As the business has grown, we have partnered with other like minded farmers to give you a wider product range in a one stop shop.


Glenn and Paula Jones are responsible for producing some of the best  Free Range Berkshire Pork in the country.  Based in the Limestone Valley, near Yea, these happy pigs roam free across 80 acres.  They are the real deal……. Born in the paddock, raised in the paddock and finished in the paddock.  The flavour is just amazing.  As with the lamb, Paddock Pigs are available at Farmers markets, through home delivery or at our shop in Coldstream.pigs on hill

Our beef, lamb and pork are all slaughtered in registered abattoirs and processed in our butcher shop in Coldstream.  Less food miles… better for everyone.

In 2013 Mike Baigent’s  ‘The Smokehouse’ came to Little Creek Cattle Company.  We have always enjoyed Mike’s traditionally smoked products, and now using our own free range beef, lamb and pork, the product range has grown.  Mike still controls production and I’m sure you will agree he really knows what he’s doing. The 2013 Christmas Hams were amazing.  You can still see Mike at Many of the markets and ofcourse product is available through home delivery and The Coldstream Shop.

As for the chicken……  We are not chicken farmers, infact if we collect a couple of eggs a week we are doing well!!!

The majority of our chicken comes from Laonica. They are barn birds but are processed chemical free. We have daily delivery so it’s always fresh. Our free range birds are from Bannockburn which are Victoria’s leading Free Range brand. The prices are hard to beat,so check them out on our orders page.YVLamb_Logo_300x200

We would like to thank you for visiting our website. It is under continuous development, and we encourage you to drop by regularly to keep up to date with our breeding program and our new beef direct products and options.beef eye fillet

Please feel free to contact us via this website to discuss your requirements.



Coldstream Trading Hours: Mon- Fri 6am – 6pm, Sat 6am – 12pm.