Whole Side of Beef


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Option 1: The 60kg – Big Family pack @ $13/kg
Option 2: The 30kg – Small Family pack @ $14/kg

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Product Description

Whole means portion is uncut, ready for roasting or slicing.
Sliced means cut to commercial standard steak, stews or schnitzel.
Any cut can be minced if required.
Mince comes with every side.

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Additional Information


60kg – Big Family pack, 30kg – Small Family pack

Steak Cut

T-Bone – Whole, T-Bone – sliced thick (30mm), T-Bone – sliced thin (10mm), Porterhouse & Eye Fillet – whole, Porterhouse & Eye Fillet – sliced thick (30mm), Porterhouse & Eye Fillet – sliced thin (10mm)

Rump Steak

Whole, Sliced thick (30mm), Sliced thin (10mm)

Scotch Fillet

Whole, Sliced thick (30mm), Sliced thin (10mm)


Roasts, Schnitzel

Round Steak

Thick, Thin

Stewing Steak

Diced, Thick

Bolar Roast



Roasting, Pickled

Oyster Blade

Minced, Thick

Gravy Beef

Diced, Thick, Minced

Osso Bucco

On Bone, Diced, Minced

Skirt Steak

Yes, No

Beef Ribs

Yes, No

Sausages (Thin)

Plain Beef, Tomato and Onion, Cornish, Mix

Dog Bones

Yes, No

Pet Mince $3 / kg

No, 1 kg add $3, 2 kg add $6, 3 kg add $9, 4 kg add $12, 5 kg add $15