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Beef Ribs (Copy)Beef Ribs (Copy)Beef$25.00/kg
Wing Rib RoastWing Rib RoastBeef$39.99/kg
Marinated BBQ SteakMarinated BBQ SteakBeef$22.00/kg
Marinated Roast - French PepperMarinated Roast - French PepperBeef$18.00/kg
Roasting SilversideRoasting SilversideBeef$18.00/kg
Sausage Mince PlainSausage Mince PlainBeef$16.00/kg Out of stock
Beef Schnitzel CrumbedBeef Schnitzel CrumbedBeef$24.00/kg
Marinated Roast - Honey MustardMarinated Roast - Honey MustardBeef$18.00/kg
Sausages Roast Beef and MustardSausages Roast Beef and MustardBeef$20.00/kg
Ox CheekOx CheekBeef$22.00/kg
Sausages Beef, Thai ChilliSausages Beef, Thai ChilliBeef$20.00/kg
Sausage - Beef cracked pepper & worchershireSausage - Beef cracked pepper & worchershireBeef$20.00
Beef SchnitzelBeef SchnitzelBeef$24.00/kg
Marinated Roast - Red Wine and GarlicMarinated Roast - Red Wine and GarlicBeef$18.00/kg
Round SteakRound SteakBeef$20.00/kg
BBQ SteakBBQ SteakBeef$20.00/kg
Sausages Beef, Tomato and OnionSausages Beef, Tomato and OnionBeef$20.00/kg
Ox TailOx TailBeef$25.00/kg
Sausage Mince CornishSausage Mince CornishBeef$16.00/kg
Rib Eye SteakRib Eye SteakBeef$39.99/kg
Topside RoastTopside RoastBeef$18.00/kg
Beef Stir Fry StripsBeef Stir Fry StripsBeef$24.00/kg
Beef RibsBeef RibsBeef$25.00/kg
Gravy Beef SlicedGravy Beef SlicedBeef$18.00/kg
Texas T-Bone SteakTexas T-Bone SteakBeef$30.00/kg
Bolar RoastBolar RoastBeef$18.00/kg
Stewing Steak SlicedStewing Steak SlicedBeef$18.00/kg
Side of BeefSide of BeefWhole Side of Beef$600.00$1,200.00/side
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Sausages CornishSausages CornishBeef$20.00/kg
Skirt SteakSkirt SteakBeef$20.00/kg
Stewing Steak DicedStewing Steak DicedBeef$22.00/kg
Corned SilversideCorned SilversideBeef$16.00/kg
Scotch FilletScotch FilletBeef$49.99/kg
Oyster BladeOyster BladeBeef$22.00/kg
Osso BuccoOsso BuccoBeef$18.00/kg
Gravy Beef DicedGravy Beef DicedBeef$22.00/kg
Beef - Eye FilletBeef - Eye FilletBeef$64.99/kg
Six Gourmet HamburgersSix Gourmet HamburgersBeef$8.00/lot of 6
Rump SteakRump SteakBeef$30.00/kg
Sausages BeefSausages BeefBeef$20.00/kg
Porterhouse SteakPorterhouse SteakBeef$34.99/kg
Premium Lean MincePremium Lean MinceBeef$18.00/kg
Spit PigSpit PigFree Range Pork, Pork$250.00Out of stock
10kg  Free Range Pork Pack10kg Free Range Pork PackFree Range Pork$150.00
Free range English Pork SausageFree range English Pork SausageFree Range Pork$18.00/kg
Free range Pork MinceFree range Pork MinceFree Range Pork$18.00/kg
Free range Pork - American RibsFree range Pork - American RibsFree Range Pork$20.00/kg
Free range Pork BellyFree range Pork BellyFree Range Pork$25.00/kg
Free range Pork - Rolled LoinFree range Pork - Rolled LoinFree Range Pork$30.00/kg
Free range Pork - Loin ChopsFree range Pork - Loin ChopsFree Range Pork$25.00/kg
Free range Pork CutletsFree range Pork CutletsFree Range Pork$25.00/kg
Free range Pork RacksFree range Pork RacksFree Range Pork$25.00/kg
Free range Pork - Bone in ShoulderFree range Pork - Bone in ShoulderFree Range Pork$15.00/kg
Free range Pork - Boneless ShoulderFree range Pork - Boneless ShoulderFree Range Pork$20.00/kg
Free range Pork - Boneless LegFree range Pork - Boneless LegFree Range Pork$20.00/kg
English Pork SausageEnglish Pork SausagePork$20.00/kg
Pork - Bratwurst SausagesPork - Bratwurst SausagesPork$20.00/kg
Pork - Italian SausagesPork - Italian SausagesPork$20.00/kg
Pork MedallionsPork MedallionsPork$18.99/kg
Pork MincePork MincePork$13.99/kg
Pork BellyPork BellyPork$19.99/kg
Pork Spare RibsPork Spare RibsPork$16.99/kg
Pork FilletsPork FilletsPork$24.99/kg
Pork Loin ChopsPork Loin ChopsPork$18.99/kg
Pork Boneless RoastPork Boneless RoastPork$14.99/kg
Free range - Leg of PorkFree range - Leg of PorkFree Range Pork$15.00/kg
Pork Leg RoastPork Leg RoastPork$9.99/kg Out of stock
Turkey - Rolled Breast (Copy) (Copy)Turkey - Rolled Breast (Copy) (Copy)Chicken$25.00
Turkey - Rolled Breast (Copy)Turkey - Rolled Breast (Copy)Chicken$19.99
Turkey - Rolled BreastTurkey - Rolled BreastChicken$19.99Out of stock
TurkeyTurkeyChicken$11.99Out of stock
Free Range ChickenFree Range ChickenChicken$18.00/each
Free Range Chicken BreastFree Range Chicken BreastChicken$18.99/kg
Chicken ThighsChicken ThighsChicken$13.99/kg
Chicken MinceChicken MinceChicken$14.99/kg
Chicken SchnitzelChicken SchnitzelChicken$14.99/kg
Chicken DrumsticksChicken DrumsticksChicken$6.99/kg
Chicken NibblesChicken NibblesChicken$7.99/kg
Chicken FilletsChicken FilletsChicken$13.99/kg
Chicken Marinated No. 17Chicken Marinated No. 17Chicken$11.99/each
Chicken No. 17Chicken No. 17Chicken$11.99/each
Chicken WingsChicken WingsChicken$6.99/kg
Turkey Breast - apricot macadamia (Copy)Turkey Breast - apricot macadamia (Copy)Christmas Specials$19.99/kg
Leg PorkLeg PorkChristmas Specials$11.99/kg
Pork Loin Roast - plainPork Loin Roast - plainChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
Pork Loin Roast - cranberryPork Loin Roast - cranberryChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
TurkeyTurkeyChristmas Specials$15.00/kg
Leg Pork (Boneless)Leg Pork (Boneless)Christmas Specials$14.99/kg
Pork Loin Roast - apricot macadamiaPork Loin Roast - apricot macadamiaChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
Turkey Breast - apricot macadamiaTurkey Breast - apricot macadamiaChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
Turkey Breast - plainTurkey Breast - plainChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
Turkey Breast - cranberryTurkey Breast - cranberryChristmas Specials$25.00/kg
F/R Berkshire Boneless Leg HamF/R Berkshire Boneless Leg HamChristmas Specials$28.00/kg
Boneless Shoulder PorkBoneless Shoulder PorkChristmas Specials$12.99/kg
F/R Berkshire Ham on Bone - WHOLEF/R Berkshire Ham on Bone - WHOLEChristmas Specials$22.00/kg
F/R Berkshire Ham on Bone - HALFF/R Berkshire Ham on Bone - HALFChristmas Specials$22.00/kg
$130 Mixed Meat Pack$130 Mixed Meat Pack$100 mix pack (changes weekly)$130.00
Side of BeefSide of BeefWhole Side of Beef$600.00$1,200.00/side
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