Frequently Asked Questions


How much room does a side of beef take up?

We use the highly visual loaf of bread measuring system. A 30kg pack will take up around the same room as 8 loaves of bread, and 16 loaves for a 60kg pack. A full lamb is around 8 loaves of bread.

When will my side of beef be delivered?

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of a side order. We dry age our beef for 2 weeks which adds to the taste and tenderness… Its worth the wait!!

For smaller orders and bulk lamb and Pork orders, delivery should be same week or early the following week.

We will call to confirm delivery times.

Is there a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee for orders over $100.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver around Metro Melbourne twice a week. CBD and southern suburbs on Tuesday and CBD and Western and Northern suburbs on Thursday. Depending on orders we may not be in the outer north or west every week but we will contact you.

Yarra valley deliveries are Mon,Wed, Friday.

Where does the meat come from?

So over the years we have developed into more of a co-op rather than a single farm. We still raise our own cattle but also rely on 5-6 other local beef producers to fill the gaps. Our beef is 100% grass fed which means it is harder to finish quality beef in the winter than in the Spring or Summer. Hence, both our co-op members and ourselves use a mix of grass, hay and forage crops to fatten our yearling steers and heifers. No grain feeding occurs at anytime.

Lamb is raised in a similar manner in the Tocumwal district on the Murray River

Our Free Range Pork comes Limestone near Yea. These pigs are 100% free range (sometimes too free range), and are fed a grain ration to compliment grass and vegetables in the paddock.

Our ‘Normal’ pork comes from Riverlea at Corowa. This pork is conventionally housed and raised. The pork is generally leaner than the free range option.

Our chicken comes direct from Laionica and is processed chemically free. Our Free Range is Bannockburn which is Laoinca’s free range brand. We have chicken delivered fresh daily.

How does the meat come packaged?

Beef, lamb and pork comes either cryovaced or tray packed. Chicken will come in produce bags in required weights. You can specify certain packaging requirements in the additional comments section.

Does the meat come fresh or frozen?

In the vast majority of cases the meat will arrive fresh.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment is cash or card on delivery or direct deposit by arrangement.

How is the meat delivered?

The meat is delivered to you in a Primesafe registered refrigerated vehicle. Your meat will arrive at between 0 – 5C.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

For bulk orders, it is best to have someone to take delivery to refrigerate ASAP. For smaller orders it is okay to leave an esky out for our delivery person.

When do market orders have to be made?

Market orders need to be in by Thursday night before the weekend market as we pack orders on Friday. We will do our best to fill 100% of your order although some lines are limited. There is no minimum order for market pick ups.

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